Center for Cybersecurity Research of Catalonia


  • Improve and promote research in cybersecurity and information privacy, carried out in Catalonia and strengthen its international impact.
  • Strengthen and spread out high-level training in the areas of cybersecurity and information privacy.
  • Consolidate and tighten the existing research collaboration among the six participating Catalan universities.


Improve coordination among the different research groups
Consolidate and reinforce excellent cybersecurity and information privacy research in Catalonia
Consolidate the joint image in the media and in the international landscape
Formalize and deepen collaboration in doctoral and master programs
Increase the competitiveness of the joint team, in line with national and international programs for excellence in research

Research lines

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Security and privacy in connected cars
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Big data privacy
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Privacy in the Cloud
Card image cap
Privacy in Smart Cities
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Privacy in Social Networks
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Privacy in collaborative environments
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Privacy-preserving data mining
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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology
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Location privacy
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Data anonymization
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Security and Privacy in IOT

Last news

Dr. David Rebollo, a member from CRISES research group in URV, has passed away. Link (in Catalan)

Dr. Josep Domingo-Ferrer appears in the documentary "Big data: the dangers of living online" broadcasted by TV3 (in Catalan).

Dr. Josep Domingo-Ferrer publishes an article on Diari (in Catalan), arguing that Catalonia has demonstrated its ability to take advantage of self-government to build a leading university system.

Dr. Josep Domingo-Ferrer talks about research at URV and data privacy while using the Radar Covid App during Covid-19 on Tarragona RĂ dio (in Catalan)

Dr. Josep Domingo-Ferrer publishes an article on Diari (in Catalan), in which he comments that if the European funds against Covid-19 are well used for digitization, they can help us.

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